Newport (Casnewydd) attractions

Historic Building in Newport (Casnewydd)

Tredegar House

The seat of the Morgan family for more than 500 years, Tredegar House is a stone and red-brick 17th-century building set amid extensive gardens, 2 miles west of Newport city centre. It is one of the finest examples …
Church in Newport (Casnewydd)

St Woolos Cathedral

A steep 10-minute walk uphill from the main shopping strip leads to Newport's ancient cathedral. The building provides a fascinating journey through history via a succession of distinct architectural styles.
Ruins in Caerleon (Caerllion)

Caerleon Roman Fortress Baths

Like any good Roman town, Caerleon had a grand public bath complex. Parts of the outdoor swimming pool, apodyterium (changing room) and frigidarium (cold room) remain under a protective roof, and give some idea of t…
Archaeological Site in Newport (Casnewydd)

Medieval Ship Centre

In 2002, construction work for the Riverfront Art Centre uncovered the remains of the most complete medieval ship ever found, buried in the mud on the west bank of the River Usk. Some 2000 individual timbers from th…
Museum in Caerleon (Caerllion)

National Roman Legion Museum

Put your Caerleon explorations into context at this excellent museum, which paints a vivid picture of what life was like for soldiers in one of the most remote corners of the empire. It displays a host of intriguing…
Bridge in Newport (Casnewydd)

Transporter Bridge

The spidery towers of the 1906 Transporter Bridge rise over the river, about a mile south of the city centre. A remarkable piece of Edwardian engineering, it can carry up to six cars across the river in a gondola su…
Arts Centre in Newport (Casnewydd)


Opened in 2004, the city's swish cultural centre takes a prominent position by the river. Temporary exhibitions are held in its gallery and it also stages theatre, opera, classical music and dance, as well as cinema…
Castle in Newport (Casnewydd)

Newport Castle

Not much remains of Newport's pre-industrial past apart from the cathedral and the litter-strewn ruins of 14th-century Newport Castle squeezed between traffic-clogged Kingsway and the river. The castle was soundly t…
Ruins in Caerleon (Caerllion)

Roman Amphitheatre

These turf-covered terraces edged in brick and stone represent the only fully excavated Roman amphitheatre in Britain. It was positioned just outside of the Roman fortress walls and had a capacity of 6000 people. Fo…
Museum in Newport (Casnewydd)

Newport Museum & Art Gallery

In the same building as the tourist office and library, Newport Museum covers the town's history from the prehistoric to the 20th century, via the Romans and the Industrial Revolution.