Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod) attractions

Museum in Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod)

National Cycle Museum

Housed in the art nouveau Automobile Palace, the National Cycle Museum comprises more than 250 bikes. The exhibits show the progression from clunky boneshakers and towering penny-farthings to bamboo bikes from the 1…
Park in Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod)

Rock Park

Rock Park, the site of the earliest spa development, is an artfully wild, well-strewn oasis at the centre of town. The bathhouse is now a complementary health centre and the pump room a conference centre. Fill your …
Lake in Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod)

Llandrindod Wells Lake

Just southeast of the centre is a sedately pretty, tree-encircled lake, built at the end of the 19th century to allow Victorians to take their exercise without appearing to do so. The lake's centrepiece is a sculptu…
Museum in Llandrindod Wells (Llandrindod)

Radnorshire Museum

Small and low-key, rather like the town itself, this museum offers a taste of local social history, archaeology and palaeontology. Radnorshire was a historic county, which was incorporated into Powys in 1974.