Top Choice European in Barmouth (Abermaw)

Bistro Bermo

Discreetly hidden behind an aqua-green shopfront, this intimate restaurant delivers a sophisticated menu chock-full of Welsh farm produce and fresh fish. Featuring dishes such as red bream with scallops and seafood …
Cafe in Barmouth (Abermaw)

Ebeneezer Chapel Cafe & Emporium

Making unorthodox use of a Georgian Wesleyan chapel on the High St is this offbeat cafe, its sky-blue ceiling awash with stars and the alcoves crammed with handicrafts from India, Thailand, Indonesia and beyond. Its…
Fish & Chips in Barmouth (Abermaw)

Harbour Fish Bar

Barmouth's best chip shop can be spotted by the queues out the door. Grab your crispy battered haddock and your perfectly fried chips and go picnic on the beach.