Castle in Bangor

Penrhyn Castle

Funded by the vast profits from the slate mine of the Caribbean sugar-plantation owner and anti-abolitionist Baron Penrhyn, and extended and embellished by his great-great-nephew, this immense 19th-century neo-Norma…
Museum in Bangor


The former Gwynedd Museum & Art Gallery has moved into swankier premises and taken the portmanteau word 'Storiel' (a cross between the Welsh words for 'story' and 'gallery'). Essentially a folk museum for Gwyned…
Cathedral in Bangor

Bangor Cathedral

More formally known as the Cathedral Church of St Deiniol, this building occupies one of the oldest ecclesiastical sites in Britain, dating from AD 525 when the saint founded his community here. The earliest part of…
Landmark in Bangor

Garth Pier

Given the large expanse of mudflats exposed at high tide (a paradise for all manner of wading birds), it's surprising that the Victorians chose to build one of Britain's longest pleasure piers here. Built in 1896, G…
Tower in Bangor

Clock Tower

This listed Victorian clock tower is Bangor's central point.