Library in Aberystwyth

National Library of Wales

Sitting proudly on a hilltop half a mile east of town, the National Library is a cultural powerhouse. Founded in 1911, it holds millions of books in many languages – as a copyright library it has copies of every boo…
Museum in Aberystwyth

Ceredigion Museum

This museum is in the Coliseum, which opened in 1905 as a theatre, then served as a cinema promising 'amusement without vulgarity' from 1932 onwards. The elegant interior retains its stage, around which are entertai…
Castle in Aberystwyth

Aberystwyth Castle

Erected in 1277, Aberystwyth Castle was captured by Owain Glyndŵr at the start of the 15th century, then retaken by the future Henry V using 'The Messenger' – a two-ton cannon that unfortunately self-destructed. Lat…
Historic Building in Aberystwyth

Old College

Reminiscent of a French chateau, this Gothic-revival building with castellated towers, conical spires and flamboyant gargoyles was originally built as a hotel but was sold to Aberystwyth University's founders before…
Hill in Aberystwyth

Constitution Hill

Constitution Hill rises from the northern end of the seafront promenade; on a clear day you can see the Llŷn Peninsula from its blustery top. Having either walked or ridden the Cliff Railway up, there's a cafe, ten-…
Viewpoint in Aberystwyth

Camera Obscura

A re-created 'relic' of the Victorian era, the camera obscura is an immense pinhole camera allowing you to see practically into the windows of the houses below or spy on friends on the beach.
Landmark in Aberystwyth

Royal Pier

The top-heavy Royal Pier lumbers out to sea under the weight of a pub, nightclub, pizzeria and cheerfully tacky amusement arcade.
Landmark in Aberystwyth

Clock Tower

Commanding the junction of Great Darkgate and Pier Sts, Aberystwyth's clock tower is a replacement for the 1858 original, which had fallen into disrepair by the mid-20th century.