Top Choice Seafood in Vung Tau

Ganh Hao

Highly impressive seafood restaurant, with tables on terraces by the ocean, that's always packed with locals, so try to get here early. The menu is extensive, with delicious fish, lobster, crab (great with pepper sa…
Seafood in Vung Tau

Cay Bang

A seafood institution with a great location on the water, Cay Bang is set under the shadow of the Virgin Mary and Baby Jesus. At weekends it draws a huge crowd of the Vung Tau faithful for the shellfish, hot pots an…
International in Vung Tau

Tommy’s 3

The food is mainly Western and familiar, with big portions of steaks and burgers, plus local food including tasty noodle dishes. There's a prime front terrace that draws a mixed crowd of locals, expats and tourists.
Italian in Vung Tau

David Italian Restaurant

This is an authentic Italian-run restaurant with freshly prepared pasta and the pizzas are the best in town. Quite expensive but has a nice sea-facing terrace.
French in Vung Tau

Bistrot 9

Excellent bistro, perfect for an (all-day) breakfast, crêpe, panini or a full-on splurge (don't neglect the desserts, including great profiteroles). It also sells homemade gourmet chocolates and has the best wine se…
Vietnamese in Vung Tau

Ferry Cafe

Inside the ferry terminal building, this large bustling, open-sided place catches the sea breeze and serves up noodles and meat dishes, try steak cooked in a skillet (75,000d).
Seafood in Vung Tau

Thanh Phat 2

A large, very local seafood place with strip lights and blue plastic chairs on a covered terrace right by the sea. Seafood is expertly prepared and delicious, with lobster at 1,250,000 per kilo and seabass for a qua…