Top things to do

Top Choice Vietnamese in Sapa

Hill Station Signature Restaurant

A showcase of Hmong cuisine with cool Zen decor and superb views. Dishes include flash-cooked pork with lime, ash-baked trout in banana leaves, and traditional Hmong-style black pudding. Tasting sets of local rice a…
Top Choice Museum in Sapa

Sapa Museum

Excellent showcase of the history and ethnology of the Sapa area, including the colonial times of the French. Dusty exhibitions demonstrate the differences between the various ethnic minority people of the area, so …
Beer Garden in Sapa

Cafe in the Clouds

The large terrace of this bar is a great corner of Sapa (and the planet) to pause and ponder the valley or, often, the wandering mist at eye level. The crisp air must come with lofty prices? Actually drinks are pric…
Viewpoint in Sapa

Tram Ton Pass

The road between Sapa and Lai Chau crosses the Tram Ton Pass on the northern side of Fansipan, 15km from Sapa. At 1900m this is Vietnam’s highest mountain pass, and acts as a dividing line between two weather fronts…
Arts & Crafts in Sapa

Indigo Cat

This Hmong-owned handicrafts shop offers a wonderful selection of interesting local crafts, including bags, clothing, pillows and belts. Many items have hip design touches unique to the store and the set-price label…
Arts & Crafts in Sapa

Hemp & Embroidery

A superfriendly shop owned by a charming Hmong lady, selling gorgeous textiles all made in the Sapa area. There are some divine bedspreads and cushion covers to browse through and the sales pitch is distinctly low-k…
Bar in Sapa

Hmong Sisters

This spacious bar with pool tables and an open fire has pretty decent music, but can feel a bit sparse if it's a quiet night. Bar prices are reasonable, though, so it's always worth checking out.
Vietnamese in Sapa

Little Sapa

One of the better-value eateries along touristy P Cau May, Little Sapa also lures in locals. Steer clear of the largely mediocre European dishes and concentrate on the Vietnamese menu.
Market in Sapa

Sapa Market

Unfortunately turfed out of central Sapa, and now in a purpose-built modern building near the bus station, Sapa Market is still a hive of colourful activity outside with fresh produce, a butcher's section not for th…
Church in Sapa

Sapa Church

Sapa's small stone church was built by the French. It's only open for Mass on Sunday and on certain evenings for prayers. It also functions as a landmark in the centre of town.