Getting There & Away

Many people get here by rented motorbike or on the back of a xe om (about 50,000d one way from Chau Doc). The best way is to hire a xe om driver to take you, wait and return for about 120,000d. Even without speaking much English, they are used to this set up and know you want to see all the temples. Drivers wait outside most hotels and staff can help you negotiate.

The most rewarding way to get here, however, is to rent a bicycle and to take the new (sun-exposed) road that runs towards the Cambodian border through peaceful rice-paddy scenery. You will have to park your bike and walk from the mountain base.

Walking down is easier than walking up (a not particularly scenic 45-minute climb), so you can get a motorbike to drop you at the summit (about 30,000d from the base of the mountain). The road to the top runs along the east side of the mountain. Veer left at the base of the mountain and turn right after about 1km where the road begins its climb. The mountain is open 24/7, with lights on the road for nocturnal climbs.