Hindu Site in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Po Klong Garai Cham Towers

These four brick towers date from the end of the 13th century. Built as Hindu temples, they stand on a brick platform at the top of Cho’k Hala, an exposed granite hill covered with cacti. It can be furnace-hot here.…
Museum in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Cham Cultural Centre

At the base of the Po Klong Garai towers, this large modern structure (built in attractive, vaguely Cham style) is dedicated to Cham culture. There's some superb photography of Cham people, village life and customs …
Buddhist Site in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Quang Cong Pagoda

The 135-year old Quang Cong Pagoda is a colourful Chinese temple in the town centre.
Hindu Site in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Po Ro Me Cham Tower

Po Ro Me is one of the most atmospheric of Vietnam’s Cham towers, thanks in part to its isolated setting on top of a craggy hill with sweeping views over the cactus-strewn landscape. The temple honours the last rule…
Area in Phan Rang & Thap Cham

Bau Truc Village

This Cham village is known for its pottery and you’ll see several family shops in front of the mud and bamboo houses. On the way to Po Ro Me turn right off Hwy 1 near the war memorial, into the commune with the bann…