Northern Vietnam drinking and nightlife

Top Choice Beer Hall in Haiphong

Haiphong Brewery Beer Club

Picture a German beer hall but with much more florescent lighting and a rowdier crowd, and you've got the vibe of this fun venue for a night out. Couple the surprisingly tasty brews (try the Amber Ale) with Vietname…
Cafe in Sapa

Cong Ca Phe

Sapa is home to a branch of everybody's favourite Communist/retro-themed coffee shop. A selection of beers and occasional live performances mean that it also doubles neatly as a bar.
Cafe in Haiphong

Cong Ca Phe

Haiphong has a branch of everybody's favorite retro/communist-themed cafe. Stop in for excellent Vietnamese-style coffee drinks, fresh juices and other drinks, and light snacks.
Beer Garden in Sapa

Cafe in the Clouds

The large terrace of this bar is a great corner of Sapa (and the planet) to pause and ponder the valley or, often, the wandering mist at eye level. The crisp air must come with lofty prices? Actually drinks are pric…
Cafe in Ha Giang

Tung Duong Cafe

A cosy coffee shop popular among locals and domestic tourists. Come for super-strong coffee drinks and tasty smoothies. Its convenient location near one of Ha Giang's best pho shops makes it an easy breakfast choice…
Bar in Sapa

Color Bar

Owned by a Hanoi artist, this atmospheric spot ticks all the boxes with reggae, table football, shisha and ice-cold Bia Lao Cai. A great refuelling option on the steep walk up from Cat Cat village.
Cafe in Cao Bang

Ban Gioc Coffee

The junction of Ɖ Kim Dong & Ɖ Nguyen Du is home to several coffee shops, of which this is the most sophisticated. Choose from a menu of local- and Western-style coffees and other drinks.
Cafe in Dien Bien Phu

The Coffee Shop

One of a row of modern cafes on this street, we like the smiling staff and brick-and-wood decor here. It serves Vietnamese coffee and good fruit shakes, as well as ice cream.
Bar in Cat Ba Island

Bia Hoi Stalls

For a cheap and cheerful night out, not to mention pretty great views of Cat Ba Town's harbour, head to this strip of open-air bia hoi (draught beer) stalls.
Bar in Cao Bang

Chimay Beer

Belgian beer in remote northern Vietnam – who knew? Choose from a surprisingly wide selection of trappist ales, coupled with Vietnamese drinking snacks.