Top Choice Vietnamese in Haiphong

Nam Giao

Haiphong's most atmospheric dining choice is hidden within this dilapidated colonial building. Rooms are an artful clutter of Asian art, old carved cabinets and antiques, while the small but well-executed menu inclu…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Haiphong

Co Yen

This streetside stall sells one thing only, banh da cua, Haiphong's signature noodle dish, a combination of thick dark rice noodles in a clear broth with pork balls, shrimp and morning glory. There's no sign; look f…
Top Choice Vietnamese in Cao Bang

Thu Ngan

One of our favourite com – point-and-choose dishes served over rice – joints in northern Vietnam. Enter to find a vast spread of appetising dishes, including a handful of meat-free options, served in a tidy and high…
Vietnamese in Cat Ba Island

Vien Duong

Justifiably one of the most popular of the seafood spots lining Ð Nui Ngoc, and often heaving with Vietnamese tourists diving into local crab, squid and steaming seafood hotpots. Definitely not the place to come if …
Vietnamese in Cao Bang

Banh Cuon

In the north, banh cuon – freshly steamed, stuffed noodles – are served with a bowl of hot broth. Try this dish, prepared and served in the owner's rather decadent living room; look for the 'Banh Cuon' sign across f…
Vietnamese in Co To Island

Com Binh Dan

Just east of Co To Town's market is this simple but delicious shop selling point-and-choose dishes served over rice.
Vietnamese in Cat Ba Island

Vietnam's Soul Food

This TripAdvisor darling pulls the foreign crowd despite its overbearing service and overpriced and gentrified Vietnamese food. But it's a sensible choice for those spooked by eating at venues more authentic. Locate…
Vietnamese in Lang Son

Lang Son Market

Lang Son’s market area sprawls over about three blocks, just off P Tran Dang Ninh. It's a colourful and hectic place stuffed to the brim with hawkers and stalls selling produce, and plentiful food stalls, both in th…
Vietnamese in Co To Island

Nha Hang Hai San Sen Viet Co To

The name's a mouthful, but eating at this popular seafood place is made easy by an illustrated menu and tanks of shrimp, crabs, shellfish and fish out front. Located at the northern end of Co To Town's bayfront stri…
Vietnamese in Halong City

Tuan Huong

A simple place with a small menu (in English and French) that specialises in fresh seafood. You can also pick your fish or crab from the tanks outside, but make sure you check the price (calculated by weight) first.