Top Choice Vietnamese in Nha Trang

Lac Canh Restaurant

This bustling, smoky, scruffy and highly enjoyable place is crammed most nights with groups firing up the table-top barbecues (beef, richly marinated with spices, is the specialty, but there are other meats and seaf…
Top Choice International in Nha Trang

Sailing Club

A beachfront institution. People-watch from elegant seating by day, sip on a cocktail at sundown, dine on gourmet food under the stars and then burn it all off on the dance floor. There are three separate menus – Vi…
Top Choice Japanese in Nha Trang


An intimate, highly authentic neighbourhood Japanese place that gets everything right. There's a specialist sushi chef: perch on a bar stool and watch him at work or sit in one of the side alcoves. All your favourit…
Top Choice Greek in Nha Trang


Somehow Christos, the affable, kind-hearted Greek owner, manages to keep the quality high and prices moderate at his ever-busy restaurant, a Herculean effort. Everything is freshly prepared and beautifully presented…
Vegetarian in Nha Trang

Au Lac

Long-running, no-frills vegan/vegetarian near the corner of Ð Nguyen Chanh. A mixed plate (15,000d) is just about the best value meal you can find in Nha Trang.
French in Nha Trang

Le Petit Bistro

Well-established French restaurant, highly regarded by the Gallic crowd, this is the place for a steak tatare, a brochette or some serious fromage (cheese). There's a daily specials board, and, for those who like to…
International in Nha Trang

Louisiane Brewhouse

It’s not only the beer that draws a crowd here, as there is an eclectic menu with breakfast classics, superb salads, fish and seafood (red snapper is 140,000d) and Vietnamese, Japanese and Italian dishes. The beachs…
Vietnamese in Nha Trang

Dam Market

For a traditional local experience, try Dam Market, which has a colourful collection of stalls, including com chay (vegetarian) options, in the ‘food court’.
Indian in Nha Trang

Omar’s Indian Restaurant

Authentic Indian cuisine, you can't go wrong with a set meal (150,000d) which includes a bhaji, popodums, a veggie or chicken curry, rice and a beer.
Vietnamese in Nha Trang


This restaurant supports local orphanages and provides scholarships programs. Flavours are predominantly Vietnamese, with specials including curries, clay pots and steaming hot pots (210,000d for two). The 'street f…