Mui Ne attractions

Beach in Mui Ne

Sand Dunes

Mui Ne is famous for its enormous red and white sand dunes. The 'red dunes' (doi hong) are convenient to Hai Long, but the 'white dunes' (doi cat trang), 24km northeast, are the more impressive – the near-constant o…
River in Mui Ne

Fairy Spring

This stream flows through a patch of dunes and past some interesting sand and rock formations. It’s a pleasant walk wading from the sea up the creek to its source, a spring. You can do the trek barefoot, but if you’…
Hindu Site in Mui Ne

Po Shanu Cham Towers

Around 6km west of Mui Ne, these Cham towers occupy a hillside with sweeping views of nearby Phan Thiet and a cemetery filled with candy-like tombstones. Dating from the 9th century, this complex consists of the rui…
Market in Mui Ne


Mui Ne's main market is a traditional nontouristy affair where locals shop for food and essentials.
Buddhist Temple in Mui Ne

Hoi Tinh Pagoda

This Buddhist pagoda is above the road on the eastern end of the Mui Ne strip.
Buddhist Temple in Mui Ne

Phuoc Thien Pagoda

Phuoc Thien pagoda is centrally located in Mui Ne.