Top Choice Vietnamese in Cao Bang

Thu Ngan

One of our favourite com – point-and-choose dishes served over rice – joints in northern Vietnam. Enter to find a vast spread of appetising dishes, including a handful of meat-free options, served in a tidy and high…
Vietnamese in Cao Bang

Banh Cuon

In the north, banh cuon – freshly steamed, stuffed noodles – are served with a bowl of hot broth. Try this dish, prepared and served in the owner's rather decadent living room; look for the 'Banh Cuon' sign across f…
Vietnamese in Lang Son

Lang Son Market

Lang Son’s market area sprawls over about three blocks, just off P Tran Dang Ninh. It's a colourful and hectic place stuffed to the brim with hawkers and stalls selling produce, and plentiful food stalls, both in th…
Vietnamese in Lang Son

Quan Ngon

P Minh Khai, a couple blocks north of Lang Son's market, is home to several com – point-and-choose dishes served over rice – restaurants. Quan Ngon is typical of the lot, and meat-free dishes are available.