Archaeological Site in Long Xuyen


During the 1st to 6th centuries AD, when southern Vietnam and southern Cambodia were under the rule of the Indian-influenced Cambodian kingdom of Funan, Oc-Eo (37km southwest of Long Xuyen) was a major trading city …
Museum in Long Xuyen

An Giang Museum

Even though the signage is in Vietnamese only, the upstairs exhibition on the Oc-Eo culture is well worth a look, with pottery, fine gold jewellery and a huge phallus forming part of the display. The exhibition on C…
Museum in Long Xuyen

Ton Duc Thang Museum

If you're a scholar of Vietnamese history, you may wish to visit My Hoa Hung village on Tiger Island, birthplace and childhood home of Ho Chi Minh's successor, Ton Duc Thang. The museum showcases various personal ef…