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Top Choice Vietnamese in Kon Tum

Dakbla's Restaurant

Half-museum, half-restaurant, this atmospheric place has good Vietnamese and Western menus that include plenty of vegetarian choices. For the anthropologically inclined, its walls are the real attraction, festooned …
Top Choice Cafe in Kon Tum

Eva Cafe

This quirky neighbourhood cafe is an enchanted garden complete with carved totem poles, sculptures, treehouse-style spaces with gongs hanging overhead and tribal-style masks. A nice place to unwind with a beer, a co…
Museum in Kon Tum

Seminary & Hill-Tribe Museum

This lovely old Catholic seminary was built in 1934 and is fronted by a sculpture of Mary and baby Jesus; notice that Mary is carrying a Bahnar-style backpack and is dressed in traditional tribal patterns. The 'trad…
Church in Kon Tum

Immaculate Conception Cathedral

Built entirely from wood, this stunning cathedral from the French era has a dark frontage, yellow trim and wide terraces. Inside it’s light, airy and elegant, with incredible interlocking beams. Seating on all four …
Vietnamese in Kon Tum

Nem Ninh Hoa

The only thing this informal little place serves are delicious nem nuong – roll-your-own spring rolls that incorporate Vietnamese pork sausage, green banana, cucumber, star fruit, assorted fresh herbs and lettuce. D…
Bar in Kon Tum

Indochine Coffee

A highly unexpected find in deepest Kon Tum province, this modernist cafe, shaded by artistically arranged bamboo pillars and roofing, is where the hipsters hang. Join them for a tea, ca phe sua da or ice-cold Saigo…
Arts & Crafts in Kon Tum

Long Xanh

Amid touristy tat and replicas of rong, you'll also find some antique Sedang hunter backpacks (1,500,000d), some dusty gongs, fish traps, rattan containers and inexpensive replica Bahnar funerial masks (80,000d).
Arts & Crafts in Kon Tum


This nameless shop next to Daklak Hotel stocks some choice Sedang and Bahnar hunter backpacks (1,000,000d to 1,500,000d), antique drums, crossbow and more.
Village in Kon Tum

Kon Ktu

Five kilometres to the southeast of Kon Tum, the village of Kon Ktu is reachable across the suspension bridge and along a potholed road. There's a beautiful rong here, right near the Catholic church, and you can wat…
Village in Kon Tum

Ya Chim

This Jarai village, 17km southwest of Kon Tum, has traditional cemeteries complete with wooden mourning figures. If you're lucky, you'll see villagers 'feeding' the dead by putting food down bamboo tubes leading int…