The beauty of Hoi An is that you can snag a spectacular cheap meal at the central market and in casual eateries – or you can splash out on a fine-dining experience. Hoi An is also blessed with many international dining choices.

Central Vietnamese Cuisine

Central Vietnamese cuisine is arguably the nation’s most complex and flavoursome, combining fresh herbs (which are sourced from organic gardens close by) with culinary influences from centuries of links with China, Japan and Europe.

A Hoi An Taster

Hoi An is a culinary hotbed and there are some unique dishes you should be sure to sample.

‘White rose’ (banh vac) is an incredibly delicate, subtly flavoured shrimp dumpling topped with crispy onions. Banh bao is another steamed dumpling, this time with minced pork or chicken, onions, eggs and mushrooms, which is said to be derived from Chinese dim sum. Cao lau is an amazing dish: Japanese-style noodles seasoned with herbs, salad greens and bean sprouts, and served with slices of roast pork. Other local specialities are fried hoanh thanh (wonton) and banh xeo (crispy savoury pancakes rolled with herbs in fresh rice paper). Most restaurants serve these items, but quality varies widely.