Top Choice Historic Building in Hoi An

Tan Ky House

Built two centuries ago by an ethnically Vietnamese family, this gem of a house has been lovingly preserved through seven generations. Look out for signs of Japanese and Chinese influences on the architecture. Japan…
Top Choice Bridge in Hoi An

Japanese Covered Bridge

This beautiful little bridge is emblematic of Hoi An. A bridge was first constructed here in the 1590s by the Japanese community to link them with the Chinese quarters. Over the centuries the ornamentation has remai…
Top Choice Temple in Hoi An

Assembly Hall of the Fujian Chinese Congregation

Originally a traditional assembly hall, this structure was later transformed into a temple for the worship of Thien Hau, a deity from Fujian province. The green-tiled triple gateway dates from 1975. The mural on the…
Historic Building in Hoi An

Assembly Hall of the Hainan Chinese Congregation

Built in 1851, this assembly hall is a memorial to 108 merchants from Hainan Island who were mistaken for pirates and killed in Quang Nam province in 1851. The elaborate dais contains plaques to their memory. In fro…
Historic Building in Hoi An

Chinese All-Community Assembly Hall

Founded in 1773, this assembly hall was used by Fujian, Cantonese, Hainan, Chaozhou and Hakka congregations in Hoi An. To the right of the entrance are portraits of Chinese resistance heroes in Vietnam who died duri…
Historic Building in Hoi An

Diep Dong Nguyen House

Built for a wealthy Chinese merchant in the late 19th century, this old house looks like an apothecary from another era. The front room was once a dispensary for thuoc bac (Chinese medicine); the medicines were stor…
Museum in Hoi An

Hoi An Museum of History & Culture

Housed in the Quan Am Pagoda, this museum provides a sampling of pre-Cham, Cham and port-era artefacts, with some huge bells, historic photos, old scales and weights alongside plenty of ceramics.
Historic Building in Hoi An

Phung Hung Old House

Just a few steps down from the Japanese Covered Bridge, this old house has a wide, welcoming entrance hall decorated with exquisite lanterns, wall hangings and embroidery. There’s also an impressive suspended altar.
Historic Site in Hoi An

Tran Duong House

There’s a whole block of colonnaded French colonial buildings on Ð Phan Boi Chau between Nos 22 and 73, among them the 19th-century Tran Duong House. It’s still a private home, so a family member will show you aroun…
Historic Building in Hoi An

Assembly Hall of the Cantonese Chinese Congregation

Founded in 1786, this assembly hall has a tall, airy entrance that opens onto a splendidly over-the-top mosaic statue of a dragon and a carp. The main altar is dedicated to Quan Cong. The garden behind has an even m…