Pottery & Sand Painting Class

Classes & Workshops in Ho Chi Minh City

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You love art? You love Vietnamese culture? Take our Pottery & Sand Painting Class, to experience the Vietnamese culture through your hands. In the tour, you will be guided by locals to make potteries, and then sand paintings yourself. Why need Vietnam souvenirs when you can make a sand painting as souvenir yourself!HIGHLIGHTS: - Unique experience: Experience a tour that you can never find in any places else- Private & relaxing: Your trip will be private, not a single tourist around & super relaxing atmostphere- A combo workshops: take 2 workshops which bring the real culture experience to you
OUR ITINERARY:1. Hotel pick-upOur local tour guides will come and pick you up at your hotel. Then we head to district 7, an island outside of Ho Chi Minh City2. Pottery class - the formMeet a local master who have 5 years experience in making pottery and things with clay. He will show you some basic steps to make the pottery, then we will make a sample first3. Pottery class - the finalAfter making a sample under the guide of the local master, you will do another pottery on your own. There will be no guides any more, only your imagination & creativity will let it go4. Sand painting class - the viewAfter pottery class, our guides will take you to a local home, where there are hundreds of sand paintings which will make you say "WOW". Then we will take a look and hear stories about sand paintings5. Sand painting class - the finalThe local master will show you basic steps & tips to make a good sand paintings. Then we will let your creativity make your products. No worries, we are always there to guide you, so that you can make less mistakes. You will finish your products in about 1-1.5 hours6. Head back to the hotelAfter the sand painting class. Our tour guides will take you back to the hotel. You will receive your sand painting products in a few hours later after the tour, to take back home as the souvenir

What’s included

  • Hotel pick-up/ drop-off
  • Transportation
  • Tour guides
  • Class fees
  • Material
  • Products as souvenirs

What’s not included

  • Other sand paintings/ pottery products if you would like to buy