Vietnam in detail

Travel with Children

Children will have a good time in Vietnam, mainly because of the overwhelming amount of attention they attract and the fact that almost everybody wants to play with them.

  • Big cities usually have plenty to keep kids interested, though traffic safety is a serious concern.
  • Watch out for rip tides along the main coastline. Some popular beaches have warning flags and lifeguards.
  • Local cuisine is rarely too spicy for kids and the range of fruit is staggering. International food (pizzas, pasta, burgers and ice cream) is available, too.
  • Breastfeeding in public is perfectly acceptable in Vietnam.

Check out Lonely Planet’s Travel with Children for more information and advice.


Baby supplies are available in major cities, but dry up quickly in the countryside. You’ll find cots in most midrange and top-end hotels, but not elsewhere. There are no safety seats in rented cars or taxis, but some restaurants can find a high chair. Pack high-factor sunscreen from home as it’s not widely available; antibacterial hand gel is also a great idea.