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Top Choice Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

Thach Dong Cave Pagoda

Also known as Chua Thanh Van, this Buddhist cave temple is 4km northeast of town. Scramble through the cave chambers to see the funerary tablets and altars to Ngoc Hoang, Quan The Am Bo Tat and the two Buddhist monk…
Top Choice International in Ha Tien

Oasis Bar

Run by a resident Western expat and his Vietnamese wife, this friendly little restaurant-bar is a great spot for a cold beer, plunger coffee, impartial travel information and for leafing through copies of the Evenin…
Tomb in Ha Tien

Mac Cuu Family Tombs

Not far from town are the Mac Cuu Family Tombs, known locally as Nui Lang, the Hill of the Tombs. Mac Cuu, a Khmer-appointed 18th-century Chinese governor, and several dozen of his relatives are buried here in tradi…
Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

Tam Bao Pagoda

Founded by Mac Cuu in 1730, Tam Bao Pagoda is home to a community of Buddhist nuns. In front of the splendid, many-tiered pagoda is a statue of Quan The Am Bo Tat (the Goddess of Mercy) standing on a lotus blossom. …
Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

Phu Dung Pagoda

This pagoda was founded in the mid-18th century by Mac Thien Tich’s wife, Nguyen Thi Xuan. Her tomb and that of one of her female servants are on the hillside behind the pagoda. Inside the main hall of the pagoda, t…
Cafe in Ha Tien

Thuy Tien

Dotted with fairy lights and glowing with Chinese lanterns at night, this floating cafe is a breezy choice for a sundowner beer or a cafe sua overlooking Dong Ho.
Buddhist Temple in Ha Tien

Ngoc Tien Monastery

From Ha Tien’s riverfront, this Buddhist monastery is a striking sight – sprawling up the hill on the other side of the river. The buildings themselves are unremarkable but it’s worth making the steep climb up here …
Market in Ha Tien

Night Market

Some of Ha Tien's cheapest and best eats; the grilled seafood is particularly good.
International in Ha Tien

Floating Restaurant

Smartly refurbished and sitting by the River Hotel, this cheery boat is a good bet on weekends, when a team of chefs is on hand to feed the convention-attending masses. The rest of the week the results can be somewh…
Inlet in Ha Tien

Dong Ho

The name translates as East Lake, but Dong Ho is not a lake but an inlet of the sea. Dong Ho is said to be most beautiful on nights when there is a full or almost-full moon. According to legend, on such nights fairi…