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Viewpoint in Ha Giang

Quan Ba Pass

Leaving Ha Giang, the road climbs over the Quan Ba Pass (Heaven’s Gate) around 40km from the city. Poetic licence is a national pastime in Vietnam, but this time the romantics have it right. The road winds over a sa…
Cafe in Ha Giang

Tung Duong Cafe

A cosy coffee shop popular among locals and domestic tourists. Come for super-strong coffee drinks and tasty smoothies. Its convenient location near one of Ha Giang's best pho shops makes it an easy breakfast choice…
Vietnamese in Ha Giang

Pho Nga Cong

Locals fuel up on vast bowls of steaming pho – both chicken and beef – at this busy shophouse restaurant, located diagonally opposite the Cao Nguyen Hotel.
Vietnamese in Ha Giang

Duc Giang Restaurant

Vast, buzzy (read: loud), hall-like restaurant serving hotpot and other Vietnamese dishes. There are several other similar restaurants along this strip, located just north of central Ha Giang, west of the Lo River.