Top things to do in Dong Hoi

Cafe in Dong Hoi

Tree Hugger Cafe

Tree Hugger's combo of coffees, juices and Western-style snacks is popular with both travellers and English-speaking Dong Hoi locals. There are also interesting organic and eco-friendly local products for sale, the …
Rooftop Bar in Dong Hoi

Paradise Bar

Make your way to the top floor of this new riverside hotel for the best views in Dong Hoi. Funky colourful stools provide a front row seat of all the action down below, and the friendly bar staff keep the beers nice…
International in Dong Hoi

7th Heaven

Cosy and friendly restaurant and bar offering everything from burgers and steaks to Thai curries. Decent pizza too. The surrounding street is developing as a local eating spot, so go exploring and see what you can f…
Church in Dong Hoi

Tam Toa Church

The Nhat Le River, which divides the city of Dong Hoi from a beautiful sandy spit, boasts a landscaped riverside promenade that includes the haunting, ruined facade of the Tam Toa Church, which was bombed in 1965.
Vietnamese in Dong Hoi

Tu Quy

This area is famous for its banh khoai (shrimp pancake) restaurants, of which Tu Quy is one of the best. It has street-side tables with the river in sight. It's in an interesting area near the market.
Pub in Dong Hoi

Buffalo Pub

A good place for meeting other travellers over a cold beer is this chilled spot decked out in lots of natural timber. There's a pool table and occasional live music, or you can hijack the sound system with your own …
Historic Building in Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi Citadel Gate

All that remains of Dong Hoi Citadel (1825) are two restored gates, one close to the riverbank, the other on Ð Quang Trung.
Market in Dong Hoi

Fish Market

A worthwhile attraction if you're into getting up early.
Historic Building in Dong Hoi

Dong Hoi Citadel Gate

Dong Hoi Citadel Gate on Ð Quang Trung.