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International flights to China, South Korea, Japan, Macau, Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Singapore. Also a major domestic hub with flights to Hanoi, Can Tho, Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong, Dalat and other regional Vietnamese airports. The main Vietnamese carriers are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air ( and Jetstar (; destinations include Hanoi, HCMC, Nha Trang, Dalat and Haiphong. Silk Air ( has flights to/from Singapore.

To & From the Airport

Danang’s airport is 2km west of the city centre. There is no airport bus, and a taxi is around 60,000d to central Danang hotels.


Danang’s intercity bus station is 3km west of the city centre. A metered taxi to the riverside will cost around 90,000d. Frequent buses leave for all major centres including Dong Hoi (140,000d, six hours), Hanoi (320,000d, 16 hours), HCMC (400,000d, 22 hours), Hue (60,000d, three hours), and Nha Trang (250,000d, 12 hours).

Yellow public buses to Hoi An (20,000d, one hour, every 30 minutes to 6pm) travel along Ð Bach Dang. The price is usually posted inside the door; check it if you think the bus driver is attempting to overcharge.

Sinh Tourist open-tour buses pick up from the company office in the northern part of downtown twice daily to both Hue (90,000d, 2½ hours) and Hoi An (80,000d, one hour). Sinh Tourist can also advise on travel to Laos.

Car & Motorcycle

A car to Hoi An costs around 550,000d via your hotel or a local travel agency, while xe om will do it for around 150,000d. Bargain hard if you want to stop at the Marble Mountains or Danang Beach en route. Shared shuttle buses cost around 300,000d and can be booked through hotels.


Danang’s train station has services to all destinations on the north–south main line. Destinations from Danang include Dong Hoi (US$12 to US$20, 5½ to 8½ hours, six daily), Hanoi (US$35 to US$50, 14½ to 18 hours, six daily), HCMC (US$35 to US$55, 17 to 22 hours, five daily), Hue (US$4 to US$7, 2½ to four hours, six daily) and Nha Trang (US$20 to US$35, nine to 12 hours, five daily).

The train ride to Hue is one of the best in the country – it’s worth taking as an excursion in itself for the stunning coastline.