Dong (d)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than US$40

  • Glass of bia hoi (draught beer): from US$0.30
  • One hour on a local bus: US$1–1.50
  • Cheap hotel: US$9–16 a night, dorms less
  • Simple noodle dish: US$1.50–2.50

Midrange: US$40–100

  • Comfortable double room: US$25–50
  • Meal in a restaurant: from US$8
  • One-hour massage: US$7–20
  • Ten-minute taxi ride: US$2.50–5

Top end: More than US$100

  • Luxury hotel room: from US$80
  • Gourmet dinner: from US$20
  • Internal flight: US$30–100


Bargaining is essential in Vietnam, but not for everything and it should be good-natured – don’t shout or get angry. Discounts of 60% or more may be possible; in other places it may only be 10% – or prices may be fixed. Haggle hard in marketplaces and most souvenir stores, and for cyclos and xe om (motorbike taxis). Many hotels offer a discount; restaurant prices are fixed.


There are ATMs that take international cards all over town, including some attached to international banks.

Agribank With ATM.