Top things to do in Co To Island

Top Choice Beach in Co To Island

Hong Van Beach

Most Vietnamese visitors make a beeline for Hong Van Beach – and justifiably so. It's nearly 3km of fine, white sand lapped by blue water and backed by intermittent bungalow and restaurant operations, but is so long…
Beach in Co To Island

Bac Van Beach

Directly north of Hong Van Beach is its slightly scruffier sister, Bac Van Beach. It's quieter, but coarse sand and water not quite deep enough for swimming mean that it largely acts as a jumping-off point to the is…
Beach in Co To Island

Van Chay Beach

Located in the northeastern corner of Co To Island is broad Van Chay Beach. During the summer months it's home to lots of food, as well as water sports.
Vietnamese in Co To Island

Com Binh Dan

Just east of Co To Town's market is this simple but delicious shop selling point-and-choose dishes served over rice.
Vietnamese in Co To Island

Nha Hang Hai San Sen Viet Co To

The name's a mouthful, but eating at this popular seafood place is made easy by an illustrated menu and tanks of shrimp, crabs, shellfish and fish out front. Located at the northern end of Co To Town's bayfront stri…