Boat in Chau Doc

Blue Cruiser

The upmarket Blue Cruiser leaves the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel pier at 7am, costing US$50 (US$44 in the reverse direction, leaving Phnom Penh at 1.30pm), plus US$34 if you need a Cambodian visa on arrival. It takes ab…
Boat in Chau Doc

Hang Chau

The Hang Chau speedboat departs Chau Doc at 7.30am and Phnom Penh at 12.30pm. The journey takes about five hours and the price includes a simple lunch, but not the visa.
Bus Station in Chau Doc

Chau Doc Bus Station

The bus station is on the eastern edge of town, around 2km out of the centre, where Ð Le Loi becomes Hwy 91. All buses depart from here, with the exception of the Hung Cuong buses to Ho Chi Minh City.
Ferry in Chau Doc

Tourist Boats

Hire a boat for a river jaunt.