Top things to do

Top Choice French in Chau Doc

Bassac Restaurant

Chau Doc's most sophisticated dining experience is at the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel where the menu veers between wonderful international dishes (roast rack of lamb, seared duck breast), dishes with a French accent (pr…
Top Choice International in Chau Doc

Memory Delicatessen

This sophisticated cafe-restaurant that attracts local trendies is memorable for its wonderful melange of international dishes, from the excellent pizzas topped with imported ingredients, to the fragrant vegetable c…
Nature Reserve in Chau Doc

Tra Su Bird Sanctuary

Twenty-three kilometres west of Chau Doc, this immense 800,000-hectare forest is home to an astounding number of wading birds. Much of the wetland is off-limits to visitors so that the birds' breeding grounds are no…
Vietnamese in Chau Doc

Chau Doc Covered Market

Try delicious local specialities, such as grilled glutinous rice filled with banana and other stall food in this busy fresh-food market.
Bar in Chau Doc

Tan Chau Salon Bar

Sip a cocktail amid elegant Indochine surroundings.
Market in Chau Doc

Chau Doc Floating Market

You need to get up at the crack of dawn to see the best of this floating market. The action is busiest around 5am to 6am, when locals gather to buy fresh produce wholesale. Less colourful and much calmer than other …
Vietnamese in Chau Doc

Bay Bong

Informal spot with metal tables and chairs and so-so service, but the food is something, with tasty fish-and-vegetable hotpot, stir-fried rice with seafood, snake-head fish soup, garlicky morning glory and more.
House in Chau Doc

Floating Houses

These houses, whose floats consist of empty metal drums, are both a place to live and a livelihood for their residents. Under each house, fish are raised in suspended metal nets. The fish flourish in their natural r…
Park in Chau Doc

30 Thang 4 Park

Stretching from the main market to the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel, this park is the city’s main promenading spot and a superlative spot for river gazing. Sculptures and a fountain are framed by manicured lawns and path…
Buddhist Temple in Chau Doc

Chau Phu Temple

In 1926 this temple was built to worship the Nguyen dynasty official Thoai Ngoc Hau, buried at Sam Mountain. The structure is decorated with both Vietnamese and Chinese motifs; inside are funeral tablets bearing the…