Chau Doc restaurants

Top Choice French in Chau Doc

Bassac Restaurant

Chau Doc's most sophisticated dining experience is at the Victoria Chau Doc Hotel where the menu veers between wonderful international dishes (roast rack of lamb, seared duck breast), dishes with a French accent (pr…
Top Choice International in Chau Doc

Memory Delicatessen

This glossy cafe-restaurant that attracts local trendies is memorable for its wonderful melange of international dishes, from the excellent pizzas topped with imported ingredients to the fragrant vegetable curry wit…
Vegetarian in Chau Doc

Tam Tinh Vegetarian

There's vegetarian and then there's exceptional smoky mock chicken, lemongrass tofu, and garlic morning glory all on a plate with rice, plus a sweet and sour soup, for a bargain price. Point and choose from the disp…
Vietnamese in Chau Doc

Chau Doc Covered Market

Try delicious local specialities, such as grilled glutinous rice filled with banana and other stall food in this busy fresh-food market.
Seafood in Chau Doc

Dong Song

The atmospheric riverside setting of this cavernous restaurant is complemented by the extensive menu of fish and seafood dishes, such as squid with chilli and lemongrass, tamarind clams, steamed whole red snapper an…
Vietnamese in Chau Doc

Sau Hiep

On the way to Sam Mountain, 1km out of town, this simple eatery makes a great pit stop for roll-your-own nem nuong (fresh ricepaper rolls filled with spiced pork meatballs, cucumber, fresh herbs, pineapple and beans…
Vietnamese in Chau Doc

Bay Bong

This informal spot with metal tables and chairs has so-so service and little English spoken (but an English menu), yet the food is something, with tasty fish-and-vegetable hotpot, stir-fried rice with seafood, snake…