Getting Around

Boats to Chau Giang district (across the Hau Giang River) leave from two docks: vehicle ferries depart from Chau Giang ferry landing (Ben Pha Chau Giang), opposite 419 Ð Le Loi; smaller, more frequent boats leave from Phu Hiep ferry landing (Ben Pha FB Phu Hiep), a little further southeast.

Private tourist boats (around 100,000d for two hours), which are rowed standing up, can be hired from either of these spots or from 30 Thang 4 Park, and are highly recommended for seeing the floating houses and visiting nearby Cham minority villages and mosques. Motorboats (around 250,000d per hour, seats six to eight people) can be hired in the same area.

Blue Cruiser Charters whole boats.

Tourist Boats More boats for hire for a river jaunt.