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Museum in Cha Ban Cham Area

Quang Trung Museum

This museum, 43km northwest of Quy Nhon, is built on the site of the Tay Son brothers’ house and encompasses an ancient tamarind tree said to have been planted by the brothers. Displays include various statues, cost…
Hindu Site in Cha Ban Cham Area

Banh It Cham Towers

This group of four towers sits atop a hill 16km northwest of Quy Nhon, just east of Hwy 1. The architecture of each tower is distinctly different, although all were built around the turn of the 12th century. The sma…
Hindu Site in Cha Ban Cham Area

Duong Long Cham Towers

These towers are hard to find, sitting in the countryside 35km northwest of Quy Nhon. Dating from the late 12th century, the largest of the three brick towers (24m high) is embellished with granite ornamentation rep…