Vietnamese in Hoi An

Miss Ly Cafeteria 22

A refined little restaurant run by a Vietnamese–North American team with mellow music and antique wall prints. Dishes include tasty cao lau, and other Vietnamese favourites are well presented.
Vietnamese in Danang

Com Nieu

A contemporary restaurant that offers a wide choice of tasty Vietnamese fare, including succulent seafood and a clay-pot rice signature dish.
Vietnamese in Hue

Mandarin Café

Owner-photographer Mr Cu, whose inspirational pictures adorn the walls, has been hosting backpackers for years, and his relaxed restaurant has lots of vegetarian and breakfast choices. Also operates as a tour agency…
Vietnamese in Danang

Com Tay Cam Cung Dinh

This simple place is good for local dishes, including hoanh thanh – a wonton-like combination of minced pork and shrimp. It’s down a little alley.
Vietnamese in Hoi An

Morning Glory Restaurant

An outstanding restaurant in historic premises that concentrates on street food and traditionally prepared dishes (primarily from central Vietnam). Highlights include the pork-stuffed squid, and shrimp mousse on sug…
Vietnamese in Hoi An

Bale Well

Down a little alley near the famous well, this local place is renowned for one dish: barbecued pork, served up satay-style, which you then combine with fresh greens and herbs to create your own fresh spring roll. A …
Vietnamese in Cham Islands

Cham Restaurant

About 2km southwest of town, Cham Restaurant sits pretty on a stunning sandy beach and serves wonderful Vietnamese dishes, including lots of seafood. Most of the day-trip boats from Hoi An also stop along this beach…
Vietnamese in Ninh Binh

Trung Tuyet

Expect filling portions, and a warm welcome from the host family at this busy little place that's popular with travellers. The owners will even drop you off at the nearby train station if you're kicking on after you…
Vietnamese in Dong Hoi

Tu Quy

This area is famous for its banh khoai (shrimp pancake) restaurants, of which Tu Quy is one of the best. It has streetside tables with the river in sight.
Vietnamese in Danang

Madame Lan

Huge restaurant in a French colonial-style building where you can eat in an open courtyard or in one of the river-facing dining rooms. The menu has lots of good choices, including squid with chilli and salt, and gre…