Top things to do

Top Choice Vietnamese in Cao Lanh

A Chau

Probably the nicest restaurant in town, serving such local fare as banh xeo (fried pancakes filled with crayfish, pork, mung beans and bean sprouts), field-rat platters and sweet-and-sour soup overflowing with dingd…
Top Choice Nature Reserve in Cao Lanh

Xeo Quyt Forest

Around 35km southeast of Cao Lanh is the magnificent 52-hectare Xeo Quyt Forest near My Hiep village. One vast swamp beneath a beautiful thick canopy of tall trees and vines, it hides the remains of Viet Cong bunker…
Museum in Cao Lanh

Dong Thap Museum

The Dong Thap Museum is among the Mekong's best museums, despite having no English captions. The ground floor displays an anthropological history of Dong Thap province, with exhibits of tools, sculpture, models of t…
Nature Reserve in Cao Lanh

Tram Chim National Park

Tram Chim National Park is around 40km due north of Cao Lanh and notable for its rare red-headed cranes (Grus antigone sharpii), though more than 220 species of bird live within the reserve.The cranes nest here from…
Vietnamese in Cao Lanh

Ngoc Lan

The 'Magnolia' is a bright and inviting choice, with fresh and tasty pot-cooked pork and mixed-vegetable soup. It's illuminated with a red-and-green LED sign at night.
Coffee in Cao Lanh

Cau Vua Coffee

With a leafy green courtyard, comfy chairs on the patio and a tranquil water feature, this is one of the nicest cafes to savour a ca phe sua da (iced coffee with condensed milk).
Monument in Cao Lanh

War Martyrs Monument

On the eastern edge of town off Hwy 30, the War Memorial (Dai Liet Si) is Cao Lanh’s most prominent landmark, a Socialist Realist–style sculpture featuring a large white concrete statue of a decorated soldier holdin…
Park in Cao Lanh

Tomb of Nguyen Sinh Sac

The tomb of Ho Chi Minh’s father, Nguyen Sinh Sac (1862–1929), is the centrepiece of a pretty 9.6-hectare park and model heritage village of wooden houses peopled by manikins depicting traditional pursuits. The tomb…
Park in Cao Lanh

Van Thanh Mieu

At the heart of the city and encompassing a lake with a topiary outline of Vietnam in the middle, this lush park is a wonderful place to observe local life: from early-morning exercise on the strange-looking contrap…