Getting Around

From the visitor centre at the park entrance, it’s a steep, serpentine 15km ascent, and the road almost reaches the summit. Walking down from the summit takes about three to four hours; you’ll need water and sunscreen.

Private transport to the summit is available from the visitor centre, and a return same-day journey is around 900,000d for a six-person minibus. At busy times, travellers can usually share the cost with other passengers.

For an overnight stay, transport to the summit is around 1,300,000d for six people. Note that cars are allowed in the park, so it's worth considering a tour here from Hue, or arranging a car and driver for around US$60 return. Motorbikes are not allowed in the park, but there is a secure parking area near the visitor centre.

A recommended Hue-based tour company is Oriental Sky Travel, with regular overnight explorations of the park.