Entry & Exit Formalities


You will need a visa to cross sides between Zimbabwe and Zambia. These are available at the border crossings, open from around 6am to 10pm.

Visa Options

You can't get multi-entry visas at the Victoria Falls' crossings; in most cases you need to apply at the embassy in your home country before travelling.

  • Crossing into Zambia A day visit costs US$20 for 24 hours (but you'll need a Zimbabwean double-entry to return), a single-entry visa costs US$50 and double entry is US$80.
  • Crossing into Zimbabwe A single-entry visa costs US$30 for most nationalities (US$55 for British/Irish and US$75 for Canadian). Double entry is US$45 for most nationalities (US$75 for British/Irish and unavailable for Canadians).

Note that the KAZA Uni-Visa (which formerly allowed travel between the two countries) was suspended in 2016. It's worth checking, though, before you leave to see if it's back in effect.

Tourist Information

Hands down the best independent advice is from Backpackers Bazaar in the town of Victoria Falls, run by the passionate owner, Joy, who has a wealth of all info and advice for Victoria Falls and beyond. In Livingstone, the folks at Jollyboys Backpackers are also extremely knowledgeable on all the latest happenings. Both are good places to book activities and onward travel.

Travel Agencies

With activities and prices fairly standard across the board, you can book either through the main tour operators, or through backpacker accommodation and big hotels. Most cover activities on either side, as well as trips to Botswana.