Top things to do in Valencia

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Located by the Plaza las Esculturas in El Viñedo is this sleek and contemporary restaurant-bar-disco. Kick back on beanbag chairs on the terraced wood decks in front, sipping mojitos that go down like Shirley Temple…
Architectural in Valencia

Casa de la Estrella

The sovereign state of Venezuela was born in this historic house on May 6, 1830, when Congress convened here and decreed secession from Gran Colombia. Erected as a hospital around 1710 (thus being the city’s oldest …
Museum in Valencia

Casa Páez

This beautifully preserved historic mansion is the former home of Venezuela’s first president, General José Antonio Páez. He distinguished himself by forging a formidable army of llaneros (plainsmen) who fought unde…
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Ateneo de Valencia

Every two years in October, the prestigious Salón Arturo Michelena opens in the Ateneo de Valencia and goes on for five months until March. This is Venezuela’s oldest visual arts show, held every year since 1943. It…
Seafood in Valencia

Casa Valencia

Oozing classic Venezuelan ambience – aqua chairs, lime tablecloths, a bamboo roof and a honker of a central grill flanked by dangling lanterns – this elegant restaurant in old-hacienda style is worth a splash-out me…
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Kaffas Coffee Shop

The name doesn’t do this trendy cafe justice. There are 40 types of coffee, but this beautiful patio fills up with pretty people for good wine and an extensive menu of gourmet fusion (try the rich risotto succhini, …
Museum in Valencia

Museo de Béisbol

This museum in the popular Centro Comercial Sambil, 5km north of the city, is totally devoted to baseball fanaticism. It even has a pitching machine under the distinctive half-dome baseball roof of the shopping mall…
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This colonial cathedral is about 420 years old, but it’s been altered by so many generations that today it’s a hodgepodge of historical styles. The latest restoration was in the early 1950s, which saw the ceiling pl…
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This Syrian-bent Arab spot on pleasant Plaza Sucre does cheap and tasty shawarma, kebabs, falafel and other Middle Eastern delights. A real treat when you are sick of arepas (which, of course, you are).
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Bar 21

It’s mostly standing room-only at this box-shaped bar teeming with youngish wannabe players, their chicas and an oddly eclectic mix otherwise fighting for legroom due to some serious space issues.