The Northwest shopping

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Centro de Acopio Artesanal

This is one of the best places to see (and buy) crafts. The center stocks crafts made in Quíbor and in the nearby towns and villages, such as Tintorero, Guadalupe, Cubiro and Sanare. It is situated 1km south-east of…
Food in Puerto Colombia

Coco Café Cacao

A small family-run shop on the corner of Plaza Bolívar selling milk chocolates wrapped in colorful recycled government pamphlets, chocolate ice cream, hot chocolate and brownies.
in Punto Fijo

Hotel El Cid

This amazing one-stop shop has everything you might need – a glitzy internet cafe, telephone cabinas, a groovy bar and restaurant, and even a disco.
Market in Maracaibo

Mercado Artesanal San Sebastián

This is a colorful Guajiro craft market full of hammocks and other crafts, and is worth visiting.