in Puerto Cabello

Tourist Office

At the time of research, tourism director Daniel Mendes was operating out of the marina office across from Teatro Municipal, with plans to relocate to a permanent location. Email for more details.
in Colonia Tovar

Instituto Autónomo de Turismo de Aragua

The Instituto Autónomo de Turismo de Aragua sits besides the church, just in front of Hotel Selva Negra, and offers local tourist info, though not in English (or German).
in Parque Nacional Guatopo

Administrative Center

Parque Nacional Guatopo's administrative center is El Lucero, 5.5km down the road from Santa Crucita. There are guardaparques here to provide information.
Tourist Information in Valencia

Dirección de Turismo de Carabobo

Located above BOD bank, the tourist office is about 750m north of Plaza Bolívar.
Laundry in Valencia

Mr Wash

Servicio completo (full service) costs BsF14.
Medical in Valencia


Medical Services. Located 2.5km north of center.
in Puerto Cabello

Banco de Venezuela

Banco de Venezuela is at the end of the malecón.
in Puerto Cabello


Near the end of the malecón.
in Puerto Cabello


Near the Hotel Fortín.
in Puerto Cabello

Banco Mercantil