in Puerto Cabello

Castillo Libertador

North of the old town, and separated from it by the entrance channel to the harbor, is colonial Fortín San Felipe, later renamed Castillo Libertador. It’s a fine-looking fort, though in a state of disrepair. It was …
Architectural in Valencia

Casa de la Estrella

The sovereign state of Venezuela was born in this historic house on May 6, 1830, when Congress convened here and decreed secession from Gran Colombia. Erected as a hospital around 1710 (thus being the city’s oldest …
in Campo Carabobo

Campo Carabobo

For a taste of unadulterated Venezuelan patriotism, visit the Carabobo Battlefield, 32km southwest of Valencia. This is the site of the great battle fought on June 24, 1821, in which Bolívar’s troops decisively defe…
Museum in Valencia

Casa Páez

This beautifully preserved historic mansion is the former home of Venezuela’s first president, General José Antonio Páez. He distinguished himself by forging a formidable army of llaneros (plainsmen) who fought unde…
in Puerto Cabello

Museo de Historia

Built in 1790 as a residence, this decaying building has graceful facades over both the historic streets Calle de los Lanceros and Calle Bolívar; they’re both next to each other and off the plaza. There isn’t much i…
in Puerto Cabello

Teatro Municipal

The colorful Teatro Municipal dates from 1880 and is a replica of one in Havana, Cuba. It’s a beautiful theater with 617 seats, two balconies and a huge 640kg chandelier. Ballerina Ana Pavlova, tango songbird Carlos…
in Puerto Cabello

Fortín Solano

On the 100m-high hill to the south of the city sits this fort built in the 1760s to secure commercial operations. Reputedly the last colonial fort built in Venezuela, it commands excellent views of the city and the …
in San Francisco de Yare

Casa de los Diablos Danzantes

The Casa de los Diablos Danzantes, one block down from the plaza, shelters a small museum with a collection of papier-mâché devil masks and photos from previous festivals. The family living in the house to the left …
Museum in Valencia

Museo de Béisbol

This museum in the popular Centro Comercial Sambil, 5km north of the city, is totally devoted to baseball fanaticism. It even has a pitching machine under the distinctive half-dome baseball roof of the shopping mall…
in Colonia Tovar

Museo de Historia y Artesanía

Visit the fun and creaky Museo de Historia y Artesanía to learn about the region’s history, from grinding stones to antiquated swords to fossilized crocodile vertebrae.