Top ChoiceClub in Mérida

El Hoyo del Queque

This renowned and endlessly fun venue always fills up, with live bands and DJs playing salsa, reggae and pop.

Activity in Mérida

Mojitos Cafe

Perhaps El Ché would not have appreciated this for-profit venture, but the red-juice-and-white-rum drink named in his honor is a wicked capitalist delight, as is the house specialty, the mojito. Get your...

Music in Mérida

Café Calypso

This mild-mannered shopping center cafe has a secret identity. By day, it’s a tranquil coffee bar. Come back at night, though, and Mr Hyde emerges, when international DJs freak it up with the techno and the...

World Music in Mérida

Alfredo’s Bar

This bar competes for the cheapest beer in Venezuela, and at prices like these (about BsF4 per bottle) plenty of people come to dance, or just watch baseball. The large outdoor area at the back pumps the...

Live Music in Mérida

Birosca Carioca

As its Facebook page says, ‘if you’re someone who hates reggaetón, this is your place.’ It plays plenty of ska, rock and reggae, and occasionally hosts live music events. The student crowd forgoes glassware in...

Sports Bar in Mérida

Gurten Café Poco Loco

This Swiss-owned sports bar packs them in till late with a mixture of rock, reggae and salsa. The owner loves fútbol (soccer) and it’s on every hour the bar is open.