Top things to do in Táchira State

in San Cristobal

La Guitarra Andaluza

This classic Spanish restaurant sits in the heart of Barrio Obrero and offers a good mixture of steak, chicken and pasta dishes, as well as a good wine list. Some weekend nights there’s live salsa. Next door there’s…
in San Cristobal

Fundacion Proyecto AVE

A collaborative effort of photographers, graphic designers, biologists and scientists promoting ecotourism in Venezuela. Through its image bank, audiovisual library of wildlife, eco-store and online magazine, it see…
in San Cristobal

Ateneo del Táchira

The oldest building in Plaza Bolívar is the stylish Ateneo del Táchira, built in 1907 as the Sociedad Salón de Lectura. Today it hosts a cultural center with its own art gallery and an auditorium staging theater per…
in San Cristobal

Restaurant La Bologna

The Italian owner still includes several pasta and ravioli dishes, on the menu since 1968. It also serves up hearty, economical Venezuelan food and is popular with locals and tourists alike. The large potted plants …
in San Cristobal

Museo del Táchira

About 1.5km north of Complejo Ferial is the Museo del Táchira. Situated in a spacious old coffee and sugarcane hacienda, the museum features interesting exhibitions on the archaeology, history and ethnography of the…
in San Pedro Del Río

La Casona de los Abuelos

Open more regularly than most other restaurants, La Casona de los Abuelos is a large, colonial-style mansion that serves typical local fare, including gallina.
in San Cristobal

Museo de Artes Visuales y del Espacio

An early 20th-century mansion houses the Museo de Artes Visuales y del Espacio. Its 14 rooms feature changing exhibitions of paintings and sculpture by local artists.
Vegetarian in San Cristobal

Tienda Naturista Gustico

This lunchtime veggie place cranks out homemade yogurt, wholemeal bread, wholemeal empanadas and other yummy snacks. Excellent juices too.
in San Pedro Del Río

El Refugio de San Pedro

A Calle Real restaurant worth trying.