Checking flights...


Santa Elena's tiny airport is 7km southwest of town, off the road to the Brazilian border. At present there are no scheduled flights here, and even the irregular Cessna service from Canaima, a Godsend for travelers not wanting to do the punishingly long overland journey via Ciudad Guyana, is no longer running. Only chartered planes currently land here, so if you're in a group it's worth investigating prices.

Bus & Jeep

The bus terminal is on the Ciudad Guayana Hwy, about 2km east of the town’s center. There is no public transport here – catch a taxi (US$0.50). Ten buses depart daily to Ciudad Bolívar (US$4, 10 to 12 hours), all stopping at Ciudad Guayana. Some continue to Caracas (US$7, 20 hours).

Border Crossings

Both Venezuelan and Brazilian passport formalities are done at the border itself, locally known as La Línea, 15km south of Santa Elena de Uairén. Por puestos from Icabarú travel to the bus station in the Brazilian border town of Pacaraima, but you have to commandeer the whole taxi or they won't wait for you while you have your passport stamped at the Venezuelan and Brazilian immigration offices at La Línea. There's no departure tax here. Yellow fever vaccinations are not required but recommended.