Top Choice Pizza in Coro

Pizzería La Barra del Jacal

This attractive open-air restaurant offers more than just pizzas, and is a refreshing spot to sit with a beer, especially in the evening when a gentle breeze dissipates the heat of the day. Service is professional a…
Top Choice Pizzeria in Caracas

Evio's Pizza

There’s pizza and then there’s the city’s best. When famous Venezuelan musician Evio di Marzo isn’t performing, he makes gourmet pizza and a fusion menu he terms 'bol-che-vista' (BOL-ivariano, CHE-guevarista and cha…
Top Choice Italian in Caracas

Come a Casa

An instantly likable Sicilian restaurant in the heart of Los Palos Grandes, Come a Casa serves up daily specials, stellar salads, interesting appetizers and a full pasta and risotto list. There's even excellent Vene…
Top Choice International in Caracas

La Casa Bistro

Few places stand out in run down Caracas as much as this gleaming temple of sophistication, where you may have to wait for a table at breakfast or lunch due to its fearsome neighborhood popularity. The international…
Vegetarian in Caracas

El Vegetariano de la Florida

After 50 years of successfully pulling in the customers, they must be doing something right. This is a venerated vegetarian spot, renowned for its filling quality menú del día. Look for a house under a magnificent m…
South American in Caracas

La Guayaba Verde

This wonderful comida venezolana hotspot got an upgrade both in space and location, moving from the edgier center to the safe confines of Santa Eduvigis. Here you’ll find Chef Eduardo Castañeda’s healthy-ish takes o…
South American in Caracas

La Cocina de Francy

Instead of Spanish fare, this tasca-style restaurant specializes in delicious Venezuelan cuisine rooted in ancestral recipes. Check out the pelao guayanés, a soulful chicken stew laced with herbs and olive oil, or t…
Caribbean in Caracas


Expertly fusing Mediterranean and Caribbean elements in a upscale, jungly setting, Mokambo offer scrumptious and surprising dishes, such as duck risotto in orange-sesame reduction; or the local cheese plate, made in…
South American in Caracas

Arepera 24 Horas

Open round-the-clock as the name suggests, this big, busy, open-air joint is always good for a well-stuffed arepa – choose from classic caraqueños fillings in the display case, such as carne mechado, a shredded beef…
South American in Caracas

Arepera Doña Petrica

This arepa restaurant, serving healthy-sized, inexpensive portions to beer-drinking locals, makes a casual introduction to the basics of Venezuelan cuisine.