Activity in Puerto Ayacucho


The restaurant of the Hotel Apure is also one of the best in town, serving up local specialties including river fish in Amazon curry, and buñuelos (fritters) of cassava with a sauce made from tupiro (a fruit...

Market in Puerto Ayacucho


For an inexpensive meal or a quick empanada fix, duck into this maze of food stalls, or try one of the basic criollo eateries nearby on Av Amazonas.

International in Puerto Ayacucho

Restaurant Cherazad

One of the best restaurants in town, drape-shrouded Cherazad provides a sizable choice of pasta, steaks and fish, plus Middle Eastern dishes.

Activity in Puerto Ayacucho

Super Trucco Pizza

A small fan-cooled patio eatery set back from the road, it makes calzones, burgers and delicious pizza.