Playa El Agua restaurants

in Playa El Agua

Margarita’s Café

For no-nonsense, reasonably priced eating try this busy joint on the beach road, which cooks up a good selection of breakfasts (BsF22 to BsF26) and other casual dishes. It’s across from the beach near Cambio Cussco …
in Playa El Agua

Restaurant Marlin

Definitely aimed at tourists, this place is nevertheless pleasant enough with its big, barn-like structure on the beach open to the elements. The lobster here is good, as are the fresh shrimps cooked in garlic.
in Playa El Agua

La Isla Restaurant

This is a good, thatched-roof restaurant right on the beach. Seafood is big here – try the jumbo shrimp, crab linguini or lobster with cognac. Those not fond of shellfish can go for the pizza, pasta or paella.