Top things to do in Península De Paraguaná

in Península De Paraguaná

Reserva Biológica de Montecano

This small wooded area, only 16 sq km, is the only remaining lowland forest on the Península de Paraguaná. Amazingly, it provides a habitat for 62% of the plant species of Falcón state and attracts a great variety o…
in Punto Fijo

Fuente de Soda Tasca-Restaurant Imperial

This oasis of air-con and beer may be your salvation if you get stuck in Punto Fijo. Good solid food, especially the chivo (goat), and a big-screen TV and bar to while away the hours.
in Punto Fijo

Hotel El Cid

This amazing one-stop shop has everything you might need – a glitzy internet cafe, telephone cabinas, a groovy bar and restaurant, and even a disco.
in Pueblo Nuevo

Restaurant Popular y El Caney de Taca

It’s indeed popular, serving straightforward, tasty meals at low prices.