Mérida restaurants

Top Choice Burgers in Mérida

Burger Bar

This recently opened gourmet burger joint serves up a very welcome range of high-quality medium-rare burgers in numerous different styles, has craft beers on tap and also does crispy chicken and paninis. The whole p…
in Mérida

Super Tostón Mexicano

Que? You wanted Mexican food and Venezuelan mixed together? No hay problema – here, traditional Mexican dishes like chalupas and tamales all get served on top of a mini tostón, the traditional fried banana dish of V…
in Mérida

Europa Art Cafe

Indigenous-themed photos line the wall of this German-owned establishment, chock-a-block full of simple fare including German sausage and meatballs, Hungarian goulash and Russian potato salad. Breakfasts of yogurt a…
Cafe in Mérida

Café Mogambo

With its prominent 1920s-style bar, art deco plasterwork, soft lighting and antique ceiling fans, mood is the name of the game in this trendy bistro, a haven for wine buffs. Breakfast and dinner is served, and on we…
South American in Mérida

Casa Andina

Budget eaters, rejoice – with the best, cheapest set meals in town, this historic restaurant-cum-museum is worth the short walk to the edge of town. Tables surround a lovely garden patio, and a few front rooms house…
Mexican in Mérida


A friendly and rather charming place with a full Tex-Mex menu stretching from burritos to quesadillas, Guacamole is a colorful multiroom affair that provides a much needed change of culinary pace for those who've be…
Venezuelan in Mérida

La Sazón del Llano

A side-by-side bakery and cafeteria always abuzz with happy diners. You could bust a gut polishing off the four-dish criollo and international menú, and the bakery is a good bet when everything's closed tight on Sun…
Market in Mérida

Mercado Principal

Some of the city’s best traditional food is to be found on the 2nd floor. Try dishes such as pechuga rellena a la merideña (chicken breast stuffed with ham and cheese, breaded, deep-fried, and slathered in mushroom …
Italian in Mérida

La Trattoria da Lino

If you are after a fine Italian lunch (until 4:30pm weekdays), you won’t go wrong coming to this well-appointed restaurant with a delicate Mediterranean touch. Savor the homemade gnocchi with a glass of merlot.
Ice Cream in Mérida

Heladería Coromoto

An ice-cream shop in the Guinness World Records for the largest number of flavors, it scoops out more than 900 types (not all at the same time!), including Polar beer, salmon and black bean.