Mérida attractions

Mountain in Mérida

Parque Nacional Sierra Nevada

The most popular high-mountain trekking area is the Sierra Nevada national park, which has all of Venezuela's highest peaks, including Pico Bolívar (5007m/16,427ft), Pico Humboldt (4942m/16,214ft) and Pico Bonp…
Observatory in Mérida

Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomía

North of San Rafael, at an altitude of about 3600m, is the Centro de Investigaciones de Astronomía, an astronomical observatory with four telescopes and a museum of astronomy. It’s normally open to the public only o…
Gardens in Mérida

Jardín Botánico

Not far from the zoo is the Jardín Botánico. Inaugurated in 2000, the botanical garden is still young, and only a portion of the total 44 hectares is open to the public. Featuring a miniature cloud forest and more t…
Museum in Mérida

Museo Arquidiocesano

Next to the cathedral, the Museo Arquidiocesano features a fine collection of religious art. Note the Ave María bell cast in AD 909, thought to be the world’s second-oldest surviving bell. It must have been brought …
Zoo in Mérida

Parque Zoológico Chorros de Milla

Visit the Parque Zoológico Chorros de Milla on the northern outskirts of the city, 4km from the center. Set on a mountain slope along the Río Milla and named after the waterfalls in the park, this small, scenic zoo …
Cable Car in Mérida


Mérida’s famed teleférico, the world’s highest and longest cable-car system, has been being rebuilt for years, with the government promising a series of ever-pushed back reopening dates. When in service, the telefér…
Church in Mérida

Catedral de Mérida

Work on this monumental cathedral began in 1800, based on the plans of the 17th-century cathedral of Toledo in Spain, but it wasn’t completed until 1958, and probably only then because things were sped up to meet th…
Park in Mérida

Parque Las Heroínas

This recently remodeled plaza, in front of the cable-car station in the heart of Mérida, is a popular local place to hang out in the shade of the trees and in front of the impressive fountains. It really comes to li…
in Mérida

Casa de la Cultura Juan Félix Sánchez

Across the plaza is the Casa de la Cultura Juan Félix Sánchez. Rooms on the upper floor are used for temporary exhibitions of work by local artists and craftspeople. On the ground level there’s a craft shop.
Gallery in Mérida

Museo de Arte Moderno Juan Astorga Anta

The large, modern Centro Cultural Tulio Febres Cordero shelters the Museo de Arte Moderno Juan Astorga Anta. It stages changing exhibitions of modern art by Venezuelan artists, and sometimes concerts.