Entertainment in Maracay

Teatro de la Opera

Commissioned by Gómez in 1934, this Soviet-esque theater was intended to be the best in the country, to match the capital status of the city. An immense budget of two million bolívares was allotted for the...

Activity in Maracay

Panteón de Gómez

In typical dictator style, once Gómez had taken a firm grip of Venezuela, he set about building himself a grandiose mausoleum. Finished in 1919, this rather pretentious pantheon structure is topped by a white...

Activity in Maracay

Casa de Dolores Amelia

Set on the northern side of Parque Bicentenario, this fine mansion was built in 1927 by Gómez for his favorite mistress, Dolores Amelia Núñez de Cáceres. Designed in the neo-Sevillan style, the building has been...

Activity in Maracay

Churchill Steak House

Embracing its old-schoolness with ferocity, this 30-year-old, London-themed French steakhouse boasting stained-glass windows, extra low ceilings and salmon furnishings will knock you out. If the churrasco salomo...

Activity in Maracay

Santuario de Madre María de San José

This saintly sanctuary, one block east of Plaza Girardot, is the most revered city site. Choroní-born Madre María (1875–1967) was beatified by papal decree in 1995. Her remains were exhumed and, to everybody’s...

Activity in Maracay

Museo Aeronáutico

This is the only aeronautical museum in the country and well worth a look. There are about 40 aircraft on display, including four helicopters. Many are warplanes from the 1920s to the 1950s that once served in...

Portuguese in Maracay

Tasca El Riacho

This tasca (Spanish-style bar-restaurant) has a huge curvaceous bar, large seating areas and a sophisticated atmosphere that comes alive in the evening. The live music’s not so good (bad Juanes covers) but it...

Activity in Maracay

Oz Club

Ever wonder what it’s like to attend P Diddy’s White Party? In the same complex as El Riacho, this all-white club (collared shirt or some sort of jacket required) is where the rumba’s (party) at, in a Johnnie...

Pizza in Maracay

Pizza Mia

This popular pizza chain has nine locations in Maracay. The pizza is reminiscent of a home attempt with canned vegetables, assuming your home is not in Italy. But it’s a cheap option that gets the job done and...

Bakery in Maracay

Royal III

Open daily, this massive, well-heeled panadería/pastelería (bakery/pastry shop) does it all: 59 sandwiches, loads of stuffed croissants, pizza and a wealth of sweets and treats. Bonus sugar cookies accompany...

Venezuelan in Maracay

El Arepanito

Open later than most places in town, this popular restaurant serves tasty arepas, pizza and fruit juices in a pleasant plant-filled patio or in the air-conditioned dining room.

Activity in Maracay

Helados 4D

Venezuelan’s best ice cream chain is a good spot to cool your jets with yummy, creamy Italian gelato. Go for a small – they pile it on.