Maracaibo attractions

Church in Maracaibo


The eastern end of the Paseo de las Ciencias is bordered by the 19th-century catedral. The most revered image in the cathedral is the Cristo Negro, or Cristo de Gibraltar, as it was called originally in the church o…
Architectural in Maracaibo

Casa de la Capitulación

The late-18th-century Casa Morales is better known as Casa de la Capitulación, for it was here that the Spaniards who were defeated in the naval battle of Lago de Maracaibo signed the act of capitulation on August 3…
Museum in Maracaibo

Museo Urdaneta

A short walk north from the center is this museum, which is dedicated to Maracaibo-born General Rafael Urdaneta, the city’s greatest independence hero. Built on the site of Urdaneta’s birth, it features a collection…
Church in Maracaibo

Iglesia de Santa Bárbara

The blue-colored neo-Gothic Iglesia de Santa Bárbara was the only structure not pulled down in the demolition of colonial buildings that formed the core of Maracaibo’s oldest quarter, El Saladillo.
in Maracaibo

Vereda del Lago

The lakeshore Vereda del Lago, 5km north of the center, features the Aquamania water park (BsF50), paint-ball court, and the city’s best-dressed and surgically enhanced joggers.
Museum in Maracaibo

Museo de Arte Contemporáneo del Zulia

This strikingly modern museum stages temporary displays of modern art in its huge exhibition halls. It is located north-west of the city center on the university’s grounds.
Palace in Maracaibo

Palacio de Gobierno

This arcaded mid-19th-century palace is also called the Palacio de las Águilas (Palace of the Eagles) for the two condors placed on its roof.